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10 April 2007 @ 04:07 pm
just a thought  
i think i figured it out. It? well i suppose it could be alot of things, but primarily it at this very moment, happens to be why this trend towards funny actors to serious ones bugs me so much, and i think it can be summed up in the thought 'kids should be allowed to be kids.' now granted i'm not knocking these funny turned serious actors, but i have to question the push. Do they feel they aren't taken seriously enough? Honestly? look at people like Vin Disel, granted he's not the best example of a serious actor, in fact i'm fairly certain most people i know would argue his claim on that title. No one goes to a movie to see a funny vin disel, they go to see him look relatively good and kick people's teeth in, in that gravely i'm too sexy for this wife beater i stole off that skinny slut last night, way.
Tom Hanks? Funny guy. Seriously funny, the man had a gift. and then he decided to be serious and BAM he turns Whiney. Castaway? critical acclaim for a man stuck on an island. wow. and we ate it up? what the hell does that say about us? (us i mean the people who watched it not us the people who saw the previews and refused.) Robin Williams? another funny as hell man, and then he got a taste of the Weepies in Dead Poet's society. Jim Carey? Well brother Carey was a bit confused i think. He was stupidly funny in that physical way that only a man with a rubber face can be, and then sadly pathetically funny and then tried to be scary funny which just turned out to being nauseatingly sad and then the man i think truly found his calling. I cried watching his dramatic stuff. he tried serious scary again, but it didn't quite work out. He tried obnoxiously physical humor again, and yeah, well thanks could you be a bit more, i dunno serious or something? we're not even going into the Ice Cube phenomenon. Eddie Murphy? well.. yeah i'm not sure about him, he sorta fell off the planet in a way. and then Disney and Dreamworks found him.. and then he got serious and managed to land a roll in adult movie yay Dreamgirls? and then got consigned to Shrek 4... because god knows we can't follow our favorite green mike myers look alike without the trusty culture spewing donkey.
so the point of all this? it's sad that people have got it in their head that an actor isn't really an 'actor' until he's done it all. We end up with stuff like 'the Cable Guy' Sleepless in Seatle and  all the other meg ryan tom hanks look alike cookie cutters that inundated the 90's and 00's, Bicentenial Man... and as I look around at the masses paying for their tickets and shoveling stale popcorn in their faces i can't help but think... who's idea was this... really?
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