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09 April 2007 @ 10:25 am
and once again i am faced with how very little i care for school. Actually i love school, i think its the effort to get here and the boredom between classes that kills me. between classes, not even bothering with work. work is boring and i can't do crap about it really, but i can be happy about a steady paycheck. i had this incredible night. It was very low key, relatively functional, and ended so wonderfully i actually woke up afraid it happened. it's strange waking up. that confusing moment where the mind tries to catagorize thoughts. 'this here this is real, that... that is dream, that? well we recommend punting... so i'm up, caffine isn't helping and i want to curl back up in bed and remember last night. i want to hold it close and watch and remember and just drift happily off to sleep. it was that perfect moment stuff in the most imperfect elegant way it could possibly happen. i think i'm gonna be all floaty and dreamy today, hope i don't screw up... it's almost never a good idea for me to get dreamy while working. i drop things, i break things,  i grin at the absolute wrong people at the absolute wrong time. and i've been typing for a good ten minutes or so not on this obviously, and my fingers are still cold and oddly not functioning properly. go figure.
sooo yeah
happy day?
who knows
who really cares... and what do i care if they do...
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